Bílaleiga í Reykjavík og nágrenni.
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What driver's licenses do you accept?
Valid driver's licenses issued in your state or country is acceptable as long as they are in English or in standard European format. If this is not the case an international license is required.

Do I need insurance?
CDW insurance is included in the rental price, but only to a certain „own risk“, EUR 2100. If you want to lower your own risk, then an additional insurance can be bought. You may need additional insurances such as Gravel Protection.

What are your age requirements?
You have to be at least 23 years of age and you need to have held a valid driver´s license for at least 1 year.

Practical information

What is your contact information?
We are located in Bæjarhraun 24 - IS-220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland. Our phone number is: +354 565 3615 and our e-mail address is: route1@route1.is. VAT number: 103597. Social security number: 520110 - 0540.

What are your office opening hours?
Our office is open from 8AM to 5PM on workdays. However, we rent cars all days of the week and airport services are in addition offered 24/7. See information about pick-up and drop-off below.


Do you pick up and drop off customers?
We pick up our customers free of charge within the Greater Reykjavík area.
Pick-up times: 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Drop-off times: 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Do you deliver and pick up the vehicle?
Yes, we do provide these services for a fee.

Do you pick up at the airports?
Yes, we deliver and pick up the car at Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik Domestic Airport at all hours of the day.  If you choose the Airport as a pick-up location then we will meet and greet you in the arrivals hall with your name on a sign for easy spotting.  Our agent will then go over the contract with you, how you return the car and give you some general information on how to drive in Iceland and answer your questions if any, before escorting you to your car.

Do you deliver to hotels?
Yes, we do deliver to hotels for a small fee between 8AM and 4PM every day. Please be aware that the customer needs to be present to sign the rental contract.

What do I do if the car breaks down?
If you have any problems with the car you call us at +354 565 3615. This is a 24-hour open number.

Method of payment

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay in cash, with debit card or with credit card. Please keep in mind that if you pay in cash or with debit card you will still be required to provide us with a valid credit card number for security reasons.
Accepted cards are:

Accepted credit cards

Can I use another person's credit card for renting a vehicle?
Yes, but the card holder must present themselves with proper ID to sign the rental contract.

Is the VAT included in the total price?
Yes, the VAT is always included.


Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, a deposit is required for security purposes. The amount of the requested deposit is 15% of the total rental cost. We only accept credit cards as method of payment for the deposit. Once the deposit have been charged off your credit card you will receive a confirmation of your booking. The deposit will be deducted from the full price of the rental when the vehicle is delivered to our customers.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?
To get a refund on the deposit you need to cancel your booking at least 48 hours prior to rental start. If you do not show up for the pick-up we do not refund your deposit.

Type of vehicles

What type of cars do you have?
We have economy, compact, mid size cars and SUV´S.

Do you have automatic or stick shift cars?
We have automatic and stick shift cars. Make sure you ask for a automatic shift in advance.

What kind of tires are your cars fitted with during the winter months?
All our cars are fitted with studded snow tires in the winter.

Do you rent cars by the hour?
No, our minimum rental period is 24 hours.


Do you offer accessories with your rentals?
We do have accessories that can be rented with the vehicles. The accessories are baby seats, cushions, GPS systems and roof boxes.

Additional charges

Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?
Yes, additional charges apply when the rental vehicle is to be driven by more than one person.

Is there an additional charge for fuel?
Fuel must be brought back the same way it was given to you.

Returning vehicles

If I want to return the car outside of your opening hours, is there anywhere I can leave your vehicle?
Yes, we have a drop off service both at Keflavik Airport and in our office.  It is possible to drop-off the car in the Greater Reykjavik area for an extra fee.  Let us know in advance for instructions on where to leave your vehicle.

Insurance Policy

What insurances do you offer and what do they cover?

We include a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) in the price of the car, seeing how it is stated by Icelandic law that no vehicle may drive uninsured. With the CDW you are completely covered for all damages you may cause another vehicle and another person, as well as your injuries are covered. For damages to the rental vehicle your deductible lays at 2100€ meaning that is the highest amount we will charge you for repairs and such of your rental vehicle, should anything happen. We do offer a Separate Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) for 11€ per day, which covers the same as CDW, but lowers your deductible from 2100€ to 750€ (4WD) or 500€ (2WD).

The lessee is always responsible for the following damages, which are not covered by CDW or SCDW insurance: e.g., damage to tires, headlights, wind-screen and the underside of the car, damage caused by loose rocks which get thrown at the vehicle on gravel roads, damage to the engine of the vehicle caused by water getting into the motor, damages caused by ash and sand, negligence, or if the lessee is driving while intoxicated.

 Additional insurances offered by Route 1 Car Rental:

Gravel Protection (GP) fully covers all damages done by gravel to the paint job, wind-screen, and front lights. Price: 9€ per day. If the insurance is not purchased your deductible lays at EUR 2 100.
Theft Protection (TP) fully covers theft of rental vehicle, but not personal belongings or luggage. Price: 5€ per day. If the insurance is not purchased your deductible lays at EUR 2 100.
Ash/Sand Protection (AP) fully covers all damages caused by ash-/sandstorms. Price: 10€ per day. If the insurance is not purchased you are liable to pay for all damages no matter the repair cost.

NEW! Super Insurance (4-in-1) 30% discont! By choosing the Super Insurance you get all the Insurances we offer (SCDW, GP, AP and TP) with a 30% discount.

We at Route 1 Car Rental always recommend buying the SCDW and GP due to the road conditions in Iceland and to reduce the cost of our customers should anything happen during your rental. Our agent will also recommend other additional insurances depending on your travel plans and the weather during your rental period.

If you already have insurances through your credit card or travel insurance then I highly recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm the terms of the insurance and what it covers.

Driving conditions

What driving conditions and what weather can I expect?
I recommend taking a look at our page Driving in Iceland where you can find useful information regarding these topics.


Am I allowed to take the car on the ferry to the Westman Islands or between Stykkishólmur and the Westfjords?
Yes, this is allowed. Just remember that you need to book tickets for the ferries in advance.


Can I drive out-of-state?
There are no official states in Iceland like in other countries such as the USA. So no there is no out-of-state driving simply due to the lack of states.

Monthly Special

If I rent a vehicle for a month can I get a good price?
Yes, vehicles can be rented by the month during the winter and receive a special offer.


Do you have AAA, travel agencies or airport employees discounts?
No we don´t, we offer everyone the same starting rate.

Do you offer coupons?
No not coupons, but frequent customers get a certain discount.


Any other questions? If so, then please send us an e-mail at route1@route1.is or check out our Terms & Conditions.